I spoke with Brian and Jon of Working Class Fishing back in April of 2022 about fishing and my philosophy on tenkara. This was my first podcast, but I felt like Brian and Jon were good host and make even better friends. Their podcasts come out weekly and are available on spotify, apple music, and other podcast streaming services. I recommend giving them a listen and following them on social media platforms. They are pretty entertaining.

Brian and Jon of Working Class Fishing can be reached at…
Instagram @workingclassfishing, @morrisflyco
Facebook WC Fish
Youtube Working Class Fishing Podcast

In June of 2022, I joined Nathan Camp and Bill Holleran of Red Brook Tenkara on Tenkara Angler’s video podcast hosted by Michael Agneta and Matt Sment. Michael and Matt are co-editors of the tenkara and fixed line fishing blog and magazine. Nathan, Bill, and I were asked to talk about the first annual New England tenkara campout that took place earlier that month. We talk about everything from fly tying to beadhead fishing strategies to fishing as outlaws in New Hampshire with our “reel-less” rods! All-in-all, it was a great hour spent with friends from around the tenkara community and I am looking forward to next year’s New England tenkara campout!

I recommend Tenkara Angler for anyone and everyone’s tenkara needs and questions. Everyone is welcome in this community that the editors have built.

The Tenkara Angler blog can be found on the web here.