These are connections to businesses that I have made throughout the fly fishing and tenkara community.

The relationships I have made with the following companies I have put my mind and heart into. I would not associate or represent any brand I didn’t fully back and believe in their practices and products that they produce. The people that run these companies are humans that deserve to be known and put at the top of their field in terms of service and products.

I do not personally receive money to give good reviews for anything and am open to testing and giving honest reviews on fly fishing/fixed line/tenkara businesses and goods. However, these are the companies that I do receive some kickback in terms of free products when you use the link and discount codes to purchase items from these companies yourself.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do and as always feel free to message me with any questions or concerns regarding them. I will answer any question or will put you in contact with someone that can address it. Cheers!


David-Alexandre Chabot is the owner and operator of Timber & Fins and is a phenomenally talented creator of heirloom leather goods for fly fishing. Timber & Fins uses eco-friendly products and practices and that is initially what drew me to David’s work. I saw that not only were his leathergoods hand crafted and beautiful, but they were made responsibly and were inline with my ideals and ways of thinking when it came to fly fishing and nature. David is easy to work with, quick to get ahold of, and has even used my sakasa kebari design to be placed on some products. All of his products are made by him and that is how he can customize any of his leather goods to be made to order so easily.  I also have had my go-to sakasa kebari featured on the Timber & Fins blog and I look forward to fishing and working with David in the future as one of his pro staff. Please check out his website and dont forget to use my code “T&FLTB” for any purchases to receive 10% off anything you buy.

David and I in Vermont on our first fly fishing trip!
My fly tying desk with a custom buffalo leather tying mat from Timber & Fins.

Ikari model S in the wild.
Showing off the clicks of the strong magnets used on the Model L.
Here I am demonstrating the ease of use of the Model L. I wear this Model on the front of my Yonah Pack for easy access to my main line and flies.

Ikari Gear

Roman Rusinov is the creator and maker of Ikari Gear.  Roman is a master inventor, creator, and wizard of all things aesthetically pleasing to the eye yet practical in use.  When I started tenkara fishing, I felt I was able to breakdown my fishing equipment and bag as much as possibly since it is already fishing with minimal equipment anyway.  However, when I saw Ikari Gear I was intrigued by its wooden material, its design, and how well it was put together.  I watched a few videos/reels on youtube and instagram and was hooked.  I love supporting local and handmade goods and Roman’s products are the epitome of just that.  If you hold the Ikari in your hand, then you can feel the quality and appreciate its beauty. 


I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing alongside of him as well in his neck of the woods near Brevard, NC.  We got caught in the rain, but were able to hook up with some local rainbows.  Roman is a standup guy who deserves to be supported and promoted because nobody is producing handmade tenkara gear the way he is out of his shop.  If you decide to purchase an Ikari model for your line and flies, then don’t forget to use my code “ladytenkarabum” to receive 10% off.  He also produces some stellar bike gear and his partner, Emma, repurposes pieces of unused materials to make jewelry!  Visit their website here.  You will not be disappointed. 

image0-8-1There are several models of Ikari, but there are uses to all of them and it just depends on your preference and style of fishing…or even the day of the week 😉  As always, feel free to contact me or Roman directly if you have any questions.